Community Guidelines


Contour's staff is well aware of the potential for objectionable material being uploaded to its community website. What people might be shooting with their new Contour cameras, or any camera for that matter, might not be what we want to appear online. And it's not because we're imaginative, but instead because we know the biz: There are a lot of "vidiots" out there, or, "video submitting idiots."

Granted, "idiot" is a subjective term, and in some way we're all idiots to someone by their scale of genius. But then there is the real IDIOT, or someone who is very hard to classify using anyone's scale of idiocy as viably competent. And you don't want to be that person.

What we're talking about here is the difference between acceptable and unacceptable video. It boils down to common sense, and on a deeper level, respect - respect for us, for other users, and for yourself.

Now to be fair, we've come up with a few guidelines for those of you who are morally flexible, ethically curious, or completely unscrupulous. Please, classify yourselves accordingly.


Love, erotica, porn smut, call it what you will. Here is a very simple guideline to what is and what isn't acceptable on Would you show your content to a 9-year old child before an audience consisting of a priest, a police chief, and Oprah? No? Then you should think twice about submitting it to Understand that though we're not the Fuz, freeways don't pass out speeding tickets.


We understand that the action-packed lifestyle isn't without its bumps, bruises, and five alarm wrecks – skiers yard sale, boarders star fish, bikers thrash and skaters eat it. With that being said, let's try to keep the violence uploaded to Contour limited to events associated with the life of an action addict – hopefully, an addict with sufficient health insurance.

Let's avoid videos displaying intent to show harm or its aftermath – including blowing things up, alcohol and drug abuse, hurting animals or other people, and damaging property, you know, typical hooligan do. There are other sites for that. Here is another simple guideline: If it isn't content you'd want to be caught watching during a first date with someone out of your league, we don't want it.


It's time to address the issue of copyright infringement, or, the stealing of content for your own use on a commercial level, be it music, video, photographs and graphics.

Take a look around people, and notice that the video being uploaded here is also being shot by the same people, because that's what Contour and it's user tribe is all about – you sharing your action packed content and creative musings, not pilfering someone else's.

We all know what a mess other video sites dealt with when the heavy hammer of the law was lowered by content owners and their lawyers. How things worked out in the end is still largely unclear, as "reach around" deals are still being made. But make no mistake; people lost sleep, money, and were sidetracked from their goals and ambitions over it. Contour won't be playing that game.

If it looks fishy, and smells fishy, it's fishy, and Contour will be taking it down.


Enough of us at Twenty20 Cameras and carried the shield of free speech while slandering away at our respective college newspapers and radio stations. So please, save us the rhetoric.

While we understand and respect your right to opine with impunity, we do have a zero tolerance for language and content considered hateful or insulting on racial, cultural, sexual, generational, personal or economic levels. (That means no making fun of the grotesquely wealthy.)

Content seen as threatening, invasive, or a direct or even passive attack on the privacy and well being of others will be removed. And while we're not the Fuz, remember the freeway.


The freedom to comment on user submitted content is intended to increase the value of the Contour experience, and to offer avenues through which Contour members can get to know each other. Flaming, hating, dissing or otherwise spreading derogatory commentary doesn't do anything for anybody here besides make you look like an IDIOT (please see above).


The above language is offered as a guide, and explains what it is we do not want to see you doing on our site. Though the guidelines are open to interpretation, such interpretations would be for purely academic enjoyment, and would not have influence on actions taken by the administrators of

Ultimately these are our rules, and though we are egalitarian in nature, we will be totalitarian in practice. We answer to no one, not even your mother. In fact, we barely answer to our own. Which is why we started this site, actually, because we simply didn't feel people like you were being represented. But we digress.

In a nutshell, we're here to protect your rights, and to encourage and facilitate your creativity. Violation of the Terms of Use can result in outright termination of your account, or a friendly reminder that you may have stepped out of bounds. We hope we know who you are by featuring and rewarding your efforts, and not by handing you your digital behinds.


Our hope is that we're not bogged down chasing term breakers around. Though we will be keeping an eye on the playing field, we'll be relying on the user base at large to notify us about content that may be in conflict with our policies. And in any population, there are no shortages of whistle blowers.

We will look into all potential infringements, assess such transgressions on an individual basis and act quickly. We will place you on a continuum ranging from idiot through to creative visionary victim to another's jealous rage. Serial flaggers will also be dealt with appropriately.

In the big picture, we want everyone to thoroughly enjoy their experiences here on Our terms and conditions are meant to facilitate these experiences.


Contour Staff