video of the eclipse (clear sky from the Faroes)


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You maybe interested in my video of the eclipse
Taken on a Contour Roam 2 HD camera

It was nearly an after thought, I left it on a dry stone pointed it at the hopefully right part of the sky and left if for the 2 hours of the eclipse.
I woke up and saw rain on the window. We had heavy cloud at first contact, followed shortly afterwards by rain, some of the rain drops can be seen on the lens at the time of the full eclipse.
What I was pleased with by my long shorts, is the light on the horizons at the different parts of the eclipse.
At the start of the eclipse the sky is light blue to the left of the sun and darker to the right.
Then as the eclipse progresses the left gets darker and darker and then a planet Venus (I believe) appears.
Whilst the to the left, you can see the coming “sun rise” as the horizon becomes more and more yellow as if the sun is going to come over the hill.

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