#Snowvember2014 Snow Removal Video


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On Tuesday November 18th it began snowing in Buffalo N.Y. With a forecasted 1 to 2 feet of snow it was nothing new to the area. But when everyone woke up the next morning it wasn\’t 1 to 2 feet it was almost 6 feet of snow. It shut down all of south Buffalo and all of the south towns. Cars were left abandon, people were trapped on the thruway for up too 36 hours. And with all of this snow not just any pickup truck and plow was able to move. Only loaders, skid steers and heavy equipment could move the snow. Our company owns a track loader which can go just about anywhere, so during the storm I mounted my Contour Roam 2 to my head and started to remove snow from neighbors drive ways. When the storm was all over we about 85 inches of snow in about 36 hours.

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