Salt to Saint Relay


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The Salt to Saint Cycling Relay is a 430 mile journey by bike from Salt Lake City, Utah to St George, Utah every September. Teams from 1-8 riders make the journey of approx. 24 legs of 20 miles and complete it in 18-30 hours straight. It’s an epic adventure and an excellently good time! This is our team\’s 3rd year completing the relay and our best finish yet. Great job team Salty Saints!! Clay Noyes, Duane Grey, Lance Drollinger, Jason Coyle, David Muir, James Bradley, Scott Christley, and Tyson Mietus. Finish time 21 hours 57 min. We filmed the whole thing with a waterproof Contour Roam 2 HD video camera. It was so easy to use and shot awesome HD footage! Visit to check out their goods.

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