Fun WIth Cameras – Bicycle Riding Self Portraits and other ideas…


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At last I have collected all of the pieces needed to capture my solo bike rides from almost any angle (at least until I start breaking them in the field). I now have 3 bicycle specific umbrella holders of which I use parts from all of them to get the job done. I also have a hand held telescoping boom that fits in the umbrella holder clamps perfectly, two ContourRoam cameras with video and still image capability each, one point and shoot camera with video and still capability, a tripod made from aluminum tent poles, and assorted mounts and gadgets from Contour and others.

I am deep into the testing phase of this project and it is very exciting even riding solo. Can\’t wait to find some other riders to join in the fun once I get things sorted out. The main challenge of course is trying to keep the cameras from \”seeing\” each other during filming.

This video shot 100% with Contour EXCEPT closing credits scene.

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