American Ninja Warrior Kulish


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This video is a compilation of the stuff I\’ve been recording when the contour+ was first publicly available. I now own the +, roam, and roam2 and continue to record fun extreme sports but am holding out for the next level of contour with higher quality video capabilities- all your other features are superior to other cameras on the market. The especially cool intro was filmed by my friend, Tiddy, with the contour side rail mount on his skydive helmet. One further note, I was selected and did compete in American Ninja Warrior in Mimi this past May, however I failed on the 2nd obstacle at city qualifiers and was not aired- even with my pre-show interview. Till next year I\’ve been training and doing more cool stuff. Thank you for your useful cameras and consideration in this submittal.

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A HUGE thank you to Adrian Drake for the music. Thanks for watching and thank you all for the motivation to try out for American Ninja Warrior Season 6. Special thanks to Tiddy, Jason, and Don for the extra footage.
Produced by Kulish at
Thanks to all those who made my adventures possible!

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