New Video Community

New Contour video community

There have been a lot of changes with Contour as of late. One aspect of the “old Contour” that we loved and hoped to bring back in some form was the Contour video community.

It is with great excitement that we are announcing that we have done just that. Today we have launched There  have been some major changes to how the community site functions, we think for the better. Overall we are very excited, and we think that the user experience for all of our customers will be better than ever.

What is the New Video Community:

  • It’s a place for the Contour community to share their best Contour Videos.
  • It is where to go to see tips and tricks and learn to become a better videographer from Contour and the community.
  • A great place to post all of your Youtube and Vimeo videos filmed with Contour

What it is not:

  • We are no longer transcoding and hosting your video files. YouTube and Vimeo do a much better job hosting videos than we ever could. We are getting out of the video hosting business so we can focus on making the best cameras possible.
  • The video community is no-longer attached to storyteller (our desktop software). This means you can choose to upload your videos where ever you want. This could be YouTube, Vimeo, or another site. After you host your content somewhere you can choose to submit it to the Contour site. It’s your content, you should decide what to do with it.

Submitting your content to the Video Community is easy. Instructions can be found here.



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