Flying Icon and Climber Steph Davis Joins Team CONTOUR

Provo, Utah (July 31, 2014) – Action camera pioneer CONTOUR has partnered with Steph Davis, one of the world’s leading wingsuit fliers, BASE jumpers and climbers. She will exclusively use CONTOUR’s intuitively designed cameras to capture her daredevil flights and highly technical ascents.

“We are excited to expand our athlete team to include Steph Davis,” said Jon Sanderson, vice president of marketing for CONTOUR. “Her wingsuit flights, BASE jumps and rock climbing feats rank her as one of the premier athletes in the world. We are all excited for her to use CONTOUR’s cameras so we can see the world through her eyes.”

Steph began defying gravity in 1991 on a climbing trip with a college friend and fell in love with the sport. After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, she moved west to pursue climbing. In April 2004 she became the second woman to free climb El Capitan in a day and in 2007 she was the first woman to free solo a 5.11+ graded climb.

Davis’ love for heights led to a new chapter of gravity-defying activities when she started skydiving in 2007. Looking to combine climbing and jumping, Steph began BASE jumping from desert towers after climbing them. This quickly led to more jumps from bridges, radio antennas, sheer cliffs and other BASE jump worthy features. Wingsuit flying, a highly-calculated and controlled freefall, quickly became one of her favorite ways to travel through the sky. All told, since 2007 she has logged thousands of skydives, base jumps and wingsuit flights.

As the co-owner of Moab B.A.S.E. Adventures, a climbing and base jumping guide service and production company in Moab, Steph lives her passions and gets to jump, fly or climb almost daily. She is a true adventurer and chooses to use CONTOUR’s equipment because it’s the best camera available.

“I love CONTOUR for the quality of their cameras,” said Steph Davis. “The low profile body, the long battery life, the rotating lens and above all, the sheer simplicity of use is what makes me so excited to become a part of Team CONTOUR. Before I send a line or while I am preparing a jump, the last thing I want to worry about is whether the camera is on or not.”

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